One KL

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One KL is one of the most intriguing condo developments in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). With its tagline, “94 apartments, 95 pools,” one instantly becomes aware of the incredible amenities included in the apartment units. Each unit provides access to its own pool overlooking KLCC. The high-rise building also features a communal pool that provides stunning views of the Petronas Twin Towers. Residents also have the option of scheduling their own private pool parties in the high-rise. Each apartment unit features 3,300 square feet and has its own private swimming pool. Each unit also has four bedrooms and built-in wardrobe. For the person who wants to live in true luxury, the complex offers the most luxurious lifestyle of any high-rise in KLCC. Even though numerous high-rise complexes abound in the KLCC area, there is a distinctive quality that makes One KL stand out from amongst the others. The building is located in one of the hottest nightlife spots of KLCC. Those who choose to live in the unit are frequently successful bachelors or those with small families. Heiresses, socialites and successful entrepreneurs abound in the high-rise. Some individuals also prefer to lease units in the complex for business purposes. They may only plan on staying in KLCC for a year and want to live in a trendy and stylish place for this time. There are numerous facilities and amenities to enjoy in this high-rise. The outdoor bar is a great space to decompress and enjoy a few cocktails. Residents can also host their own cocktail parties at the outdoor bar. The function room is also available for business professionals who may need to find a meeting space. The function room can hold up to 20 people. The fully-equipped gym can also help residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the midst of their busy city lives. The high-rise also has an elegant multi-purpose room that can also be utilized for social gatherings, charity events or business meetings. The room can hold up to 100 people. The developers of this building has also figured that many of the residents have sports cars. The sports-car friendly car park is designed to meet the needs of those who own expensive cars. The structures allow for smooth transition of gradients to accommodate the needs of sports cars. One KL also has extremely tight security. Individuals can only enter the building with a smart card. There are two levels of built-in security that individuals must go through in order to enter the building. Ultimately, the building offers an amazing living space for anyone who wants to live it up in KLCC. This high-rise offers the most high-end amenities and living arrangements for individuals in the...

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Living Room Hallway Dining Dining Bedroom Bathroom Bathroom Ampersand is a low-density residential building located in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). There are only 71 units within the building, so it is a great option for someone who wants to reside in a quiet environment. The units range from 2,600 to 5,800 square feet. The building is made up of three blocks and ranges from seven to 12 levels. Each apartment unit features a large balcony that overlooks the beautiful natural settings surrounding the building. The balcony offers residents a wonderful place to sip on a coffee, read the Sunday newspaper and just relax. Since the building is located in one of the quieter areas of KLCC, it is also easy for people to meditate and relax. One of the most attractive features of the Ampersand is its walking distance to the Royal Selangor Golf Club. Those who have a passion for golf will love being located so close to the golf club. There are also numerous restaurants and boutiques surrounding the Ampersand. The Top Hat Restaurant is located next door to the building. There are also nightclubs and bars located in the blocks surrounding the residential community. Public transportation options are within walking distance of the building. Some of the amenities included in this residential building include a swimming pool and sauna. Residents can also make use of the 24-hour gymnasium and multi-purpose hall. Each apartment also features wooden panels that can provide an extra layer of protection for the balcony during severe weather conditions. The wooden panel can also protect the property for investors who may be away from the property for many months of the year. This living option is great for those who may prefer not to live in the typical high-rise of KLCC. People can enjoy a more residential and suburban feeling in this community. Those with families may be attracted to the prospect of residing in this building. There is no need to be concerned of rush-hour traffic or loud noises due to partying here. [Photo...

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The Troika

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Located along Jalan Binjai near the KLCC Park and multiple foreign embassies, the Troika is the premier luxury residence in the KLCC area. The residence’s 3 towers, designed around the concept of a twisting building, house a total of 231 units, ranging from apartments to penthouses and small office home offices. The modern floor plans encompass a variety of options, including 3-bed, 5-baths and 4-bed, 6-baths units. The spacious units range from 2,142 – 3,274 square feet. Each of the towers includes features that make living at the Troika an enjoyable experience. Tower 1 includes 38 stories, a gymnasium, a sauna, and laundry facilities. Tower 2 includes 44 stories and housekeeping, and tower three encompasses 50 stories, a game room and a multipurpose hall. In addition to these interior features, residents are also welcome to enjoy themselves at the swimming pool or relax on the timber deck. For residents who desire to relax, a wading pool and BBQ area are also available. Children are free to play in the outdoor recreational area. 2 features residents will not experience elsewhere are the Sky Lobby and The Necklace. The Sky Lobby, connected by two glass-encased sky bridges, spans the residence’s 3 towers and offers extraordinary views of KLCC, KLCC Park, and other KL landmarks, including the impressive Petronas Twin Towers. The Necklace, a four-story podium that contains retail outlets and offices, commands a tranquil view of a landscaped garden. Residents interested in meeting friends for a cup of coffee served alongside delicious food need look no farther than Acme Bar & Coffee. For a more refined dining experience, residents also have the option of visiting Kampachi, which offers guests Japanese cuisine. Residents will be living close to the Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road 1, Jalan Ampang, and Lorong Kuda. Ampang Park shopping centre is just down the street and the Bank of China, Four Seasons Hotel and Nikko Hotel are all within walking distance. The Troika is ideally situated in the KLCC area, and its modern, luxurious room plans and building features make it an excellent choice for people who want to live in the heart of KLCC. Learn more: The Troika KLCC for sale &...

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