KLCC Overview

Located in downtown Kuala Lumpur, KLCC is a highly-sought after area for work and stay – especially among professionals and expats. This comes as no surprise as the area is densely surrounded by commercial buildings, which are home to MNCs like Citibank and GUESS. While for leisure, there is the sprawling 20 hectares KLCC public park, the up-scale Suria KLCC shopping mall. The Petronas Twin Towers, once the tallest building in the world, is also located in the vicinity. There are also a number of international schools in the area and a hospital, Prince Court Medical Centre, which comes complete with a helipad. All these speak volumes of the profile of the people living in the area.

The KLCC area is also well-connected by major highways like AKLEH, which takes you to Ampang, and SMART highway, which takes you to Sungai Besi, etc. One can even opt for public transport via the KLCC LRT station located in the mall. However, traffic is relatively bad during peaks-hours, especially along Jalan Tun Razak.

KLCC Property Overview
Properties in the KLCC area, whether commercial or residential, is relatively expensive to the rest of Kuala Lumpur and even Malaysia. Commercial buildings in this area are Grade A and rental rates are from RM6.50 per sq ft.

KLCC Binjai Apartment
(Binjai On The Park apartment at KLCC)

The same goes for residential properties in KLCC, which are mostly apartments. The average going rate for rental is RM2.60 per sq ft, while condominiums are being sold at an average price of RM1,100 per sq ft. Infact, the most expensive property price ever transacted was the two penthouses at Four Seasons Place at a whopping RM3,096 per sq ft, smashing the previous record of RM2,900 per sq ft for Binjai On The Park. The latter still holds the record for the most expensive property though, at a whopping RM38 million for the 14,300 sq ft triplex that was sold in 2010. Even the old Desa Kudalari condominiums, build by Tan & Tan Development in 1985, currently have an asking price above RM900 per sq ft (Source: KLCC Condo).

Idaman Residence

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With a modern exterior, the Idaman Residence contains 250 apartment units. The development company that created this apartment complex is Orchard Park, which is a subsidiary of TA Global Berhard. Construction of the building finished in 2008. The high-rise building contains units that are affordable in price compared with other exclusive high-rises in the area. Each apartment unit also features a roomy balcony that provides a stunning view of Kuala Lumpur Community Center (KLCC). A benefit of living in this gorgeous building is access to the plentiful amenities within and surrounding it. These amenities include an in-house gym, two swimming pools, gorgeous garden and lobby. Some of the amenities are accessible by foot, but the GoodPlace Walkability Score (GWS) has ranked the Idaman Residence with a 93 out of 100 for the walkability of its amenities. The lobby is a great place to hang out, read a book or sip one’s coffee in the morning. It has an impressive look, and numerous modern sculptures and art pieces can be found in the area. The current asking prices for Idaman Residence units is an average of 1 million RM. The condo building is nestled in one of the hottest nightlife areas of KLCC. In just minutes, residents can walk to their favorite restaurants and bars. Upscale boutiques and shopping centers also surround the condo building. Residents live in an urban setting with a dense population. However, the plentiful space in the Idaman can give residents the refuge that they need to get away from the city. The units in the Idaman may be a great investment for real estate investors. These apartment units are poised to grow in value in the upcoming years. As international clients continue to flock to Malaysia for a getaway, they are increasingly seeking chic living arrangements like those offered by the Idaman. The Idaman is also a great place for families to consider. The complex contains a swimming pool designed for children. Children can also enjoy playing in the outdoor park maintained by the Idaman. The condo building also maintains 24-hour security, so families can feel safe residing in a unit within the building. The building is conveniently located near public transportation options. Those who work in the city will find it easy to get to work for their daily commute. Overall, the modern and sophisticated appearance of the Idaman makes it a great place to live. Residents also love the numerous amenities available in the building. Whether residents want to hang out in the rooftop garden or enjoy the view of KLCC from their private balconies, the Idaman offers it all. This luxury high-rise is located across from Menara TA and also directly faces...

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One KL

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One KL is one of the most intriguing condo developments in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). With its tagline, “94 apartments, 95 pools,” one instantly becomes aware of the incredible amenities included in the apartment units. Each unit provides access to its own pool overlooking KLCC. The high-rise building also features a communal pool that provides stunning views of the Petronas Twin Towers. Residents also have the option of scheduling their own private pool parties in the high-rise. Each apartment unit features 3,300 square feet and has its own private swimming pool. Each unit also has four bedrooms and built-in wardrobe. For the person who wants to live in true luxury, the complex offers the most luxurious lifestyle of any high-rise in KLCC. Even though numerous high-rise complexes abound in the KLCC area, there is a distinctive quality that makes One KL stand out from amongst the others. The building is located in one of the hottest nightlife spots of KLCC. Those who choose to live in the unit are frequently successful bachelors or those with small families. Heiresses, socialites and successful entrepreneurs abound in the high-rise. Some individuals also prefer to lease units in the complex for business purposes. They may only plan on staying in KLCC for a year and want to live in a trendy and stylish place for this time. There are numerous facilities and amenities to enjoy in this high-rise. The outdoor bar is a great space to decompress and enjoy a few cocktails. Residents can also host their own cocktail parties at the outdoor bar. The function room is also available for business professionals who may need to find a meeting space. The function room can hold up to 20 people. The fully-equipped gym can also help residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the midst of their busy city lives. The high-rise also has an elegant multi-purpose room that can also be utilized for social gatherings, charity events or business meetings. The room can hold up to 100 people. The developers of this building has also figured that many of the residents have sports cars. The sports-car friendly car park is designed to meet the needs of those who own expensive cars. The structures allow for smooth transition of gradients to accommodate the needs of sports cars. One KL also has extremely tight security. Individuals can only enter the building with a smart card. There are two levels of built-in security that individuals must go through in order to enter the building. Ultimately, the building offers an amazing living space for anyone who wants to live it up in KLCC. This high-rise offers the most high-end amenities and living arrangements for individuals in the...

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Marc Residence

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Marc Residence is a high-rise condominium complex located in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). Families and business executives will enjoy living in Marc Residence. The complex is located near the Monorail Station, KLCC LRT and Raja Chulan Station. Business executives will find that the complex is conveniently located near restaurants, markets and boutiques. The high-rise also features 24-hour security guards for added protection. The high-rise is known for offering a luxurious lifestyle for inhabitants. Prices have decreased a little within the past couple years, which may present an investment opportunity for professionals or investors. The high-rise launched in 2007. Each condo unit features a kitchen, living room, dining area and bedroom. The units in the high-rise range from 500 square feet to over 5,900 square feet. Potential buyers can find a range of living options that may be suitable for their needs. The complex contains studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments and full suites. The amenities of Marc Residence also make it an incredible place to live. The concierge service can help you find directions to a location at anytime of the day. Concierge services are also available to help you find a great restaurant or learn your way around KLCC. The complex also features a fully-equipped gymnasium that can help you make fitness a priority in your life. The 35-meter infinity swimming pool is a stunning feature of the building. The infinity swimming pool is a great place to chill out or take in a gorgeous view of KLCC. A jacuzzi and sauna also complement the pool area. The tennis area and BBQ pit are a couple other great amenities that are included in a unit at this high-rise. In this high-rise, families will appreciate the efforts made to cater to children. The building provides a children’s playground. Children will enjoy their time on the adorable playground. A multi-purpose room and reading room can also be found in the high-rise. Busy professionals will enjoy the variety of convenient services that are available in the high-rise. Laundry and dry cleaning services are always available. You will not need to drop off your laundry at a distant location. The high-rise also has a mini-mart in which you can purchase basic necessities and snacks. The “Ten” Japanese fine dining restaurant is also located in the complex. It can be a great place to catch a quick bite to eat or even host a business meeting. If you have been searching for a sophisticated living arrangement that can also cater to the needs of your family, you may not want to look further than this building. You will find everything that you could possibly need or want in this high-rise that is located in the heart of KLCC. >> Marc Residence for sale &...

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Hampshire Place

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Hampshire Place offers some of the most unique living arrangements throughout all of KLCC. The residential villas are a favorable option for those who want a living environment that is chic and luxurious. The understated elegance of these villas can provide a welcome retreat for business professionals, small families and others who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). Hampshire Place is a great option for executives who want access to public transportation. It is located right next to the KLCC LRT and Ampang stations. The building is also located near many of the 5-star hotels, restaurants, boutiques and financial centers of KLCC. The villa complex was completed in 2000. Since its release date, the building has captured the interest of affluent individuals and international investors around the world. The elegant apartments feature one or two bedrooms. Each unit also has one or two baths. The building contains a total of 194 units. The unit sizes range from 1,809 to 7,000 square feet. Numerous amenities are also contained in the building. The concierge can make one’s stay in KLCC pleasant and convenient. The concierge is able to answer any questions that you may have about living in KLCC. Optional housekeeping services are also available for those who may not have the time to clean one’s apartment or do laundry. These services can help one save time while he or she is visiting KLCC on business. The heated swimming pool, wading pool and spa will also give a busy professional a great place to relax. You can soak in beautiful sun-rays and also take a dip in a pool that is the perfect temperature. The high-rise also offers a fitness and wellness center that can accommodate your healthy lifestyle. Business professionals will also appreciate the various offices and centers located in the building. You can book an appointment to use the business centre for any needs you may have. Whether you want to discuss a project with colleagues or host a charity luncheon, you will be able to reserve a time-slot in one of the many business rooms located in this high-rise. This high-rise also utilizes the latest technology to facilitate an audio-visual intercom system. This technology provides residents with the ability to view those who wish to gain entrance into the building or their apartment. The technology serves as yet another layer of security in the building. This complex is also dedicated to ensuring the safety of individuals. The high-rise features a 24-hour guardhouse and requires card access for most of the rooms in it. Security guards also monitor the parking center. You can feel safe leaving your sports car in the car park. Learn more: Hampshire Place for rent &...

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Dua Residency

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Bathroom Bedroom Dining Room Kitchen Living Room Lounge Lounge Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), the Dua Residency high-rise features 288 condo units. The high-rise has been created by a developer who has a reputation for delivering excellent hospitality services. There are a variety of units available in the complex. Those who want the ultimate bachelor pad may consider buying one of the studio apartments that are about 2,000 square feet in size. Duplex and triple apartments are also available for those who want more space, and these apartments span 3,900 to 5,500 square feet. Each apartment unit in the Dua Residency features a modern and sophisticated style. The sleek state-of-the-art kitchens will be appealing for anyone who enjoys stainless steel appliances and a modern look. The concealed air conditioners also keep noise at a minimum in the units. If you are someone who likes to work in quiet, you will never have to worry about hearing noise throughout your condo. Business professionals will also be glad to know that there is a full-time nursery available for children. One does not have to look far in order to find a baby-sitter in town. The in-house daycare center is a convenient option for executives who may want to do work from their apartment without the distraction of children. The Dua Residency has a great location. It is located near some of the major international embassies in the region. This makes it a great area for anyone who may have a job in politics or may have a fascination for international policy. The complex is located in one of the less-hectic parts of KLCC. It located in its own enclave and away from the busy traffic of the city. These factors also make it a great choice for small families with children. There are numerous notable amenities in the complex. One of the beloved amenities is a library. Individuals love relaxing in the library to do their reading or work. The Olympic-size swimming pool is also popular. It is located in the middle of the building and also features a great pool-deck. There is also a small BBQ area located near the pool, which can be a great place for friend or family gatherings. The fitness center is also always open for residents. There is no need to purchase an expensive gym membership, since the gym inside of this complex is excellent and contains updated equipment. If you are looking to purchase a great investment property, you may want to consider buying a unit in this high-rise. The location is superb, with embassies and a top-rated healthcare facility located nearby. The Royal Selangor Golf Club is also just minutes away from the complex. Numerous shops and great restaurants also surround the complex. Learn more: Dua Residency for rent & sale [Photo...

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