Mont Kiara Condominiums

Posted by on Nov 12, 2011 in Real Estate News

Most of the condominiums that I have seen in Mont Kiara leave little space for complaint.  They look modern from the outside as well as from the inside.  The fact is they are pretty new and the fittings, and interiors look polished and fresh.  Space by far has been well used and if you are looking to rent an apartment, you will be happy with the fittings, wardrobes that are provided.  Of course the corner apartments have an added advantage of some sunshine pouring in to the rooms.

Although construction was hectic a few years ago, that has eased down in considerable parts of Mont Kiara.  So within the apartment it can be nice and relaxing!  Most of the builders are taking maintainance seriously in order to keep the prices from falling and that is quite an advantage for those who have invested in property here. 

The fact is the presence of international schools in the neighbourhood and shopping plazas within walking distance of each other have made this a pretty attractive destination for foreigners who are come here on a posting. 

All in all I think Mont Kiara is a good place to consider if you are moving to KL with kids and it is easy to search for a condominium or an apartment for sale here through real estate agents.

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