Have Property For Rent? Here’s How to Write an Attractive Ad for It

Posted by on Jun 8, 2013 in Property Guides, Selling Property

Do you own property in Malaysia that you want to rent out on a seasonal basis? Perhaps your property for rent is a gorgeous beach side apartment that is big enough for a traveling family. Or, maybe you own a cozy condominium that is central to all locations. Whatever kind of Malaysia property you want to rent, your goal is to attract the right tenant. You can do that best by writing an attractive ad.

Grab Their Attention 
Folks looking for property to rent in Malaysia have a lot to choose from. This is why it’s so important to grab their attention by writing a great ad. Writing an attractive ad will make your property stand out from the others. This is especially important when writing for seasonal renters. Your ad is likely to be competing against a whole list of other attractive properties, so it’s important to catch the eye of a potential renter right away.

Renters usually have a lot of ads to check out, so they want to read something that’s quick and to the point. Long, flowing sentences might sound pretty, but your readers are looking for straight facts. Write your sentences by starting with a noun followed by the verb. This is writing in the active voice, and it’s what will attract renters.

Start your ad by listing the highlights. To know exactly what these are, think about what other renters have asked you about. Even if these highlights are the same as other properties, they are obviously what people are looking for. These highlights will keep them reading.

Smart Ads for Real Estate

Keep It Simple 
Try not to use too many abbreviations. The popular ones, like for bedrooms and bathrooms, are fine. However, using too many in order to save money on your ad might come across as desperate. Also, don’t use real estate lingo that only those in the business know. Readers who get confused are likely to move on to an ad they can understand.

Use headings and photos if possible. Also, include a rental checklist. This makes it easy for readers to scan quickly.

Let Them Know How To Reach You 

Include as many contact points as possible. Having both a phone number and an email address listed will make it easier for them to contact you. People don’t want to play phone tag when they are searching for property to rent.

By writing easy to scan and attractive ads, renting your Malaysia property is more likely to be a breeze.



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