How to Get Good ROI on a Social Video Investment

Posted by on Jun 29, 2015 in Office

Business owners may understand the importance of video in an online marketing campaign, but many of them are still skeptical as to why it is the best investment. Many entrepreneurs still believe that more traditional forms of marketing are more effective. Given a choice or limited by a budget, they will opt for other forms of advertising a company such as direct mail. The problem with this strategy is that social media video has definitely been proven to be one of the best forms of investment for any company. The problem lies in the reach of the company itself: Videos do not sell themselves these days. With the increasing number of corporate themed videos and the lowered cost of production, there is too much content out there to put yours in the mix without some marketing muscle behind it. Many old fashioned business owners do not know where to put this muscle, so they opt for something they do know like direct mail. All the muscle goes in the mailbox – this is an easy concept even if it is a less productive one. There is no reason for your company to forget the usefulness of social media video because you are unsure of how to market it. Some of the best ways to begin promoting a video include the following: Put the video on niche social media sites. Yes, Youtube may get you the most visitors, but it is also filled with the most digital noise. In fact, your video may not be correctly indexed in Youtube for up to a month after uploading. Your money is much better spent on niche websites that cater only to your industry. Use the Youtube video as a link within message boards and in social media posts, but put your money behind the videos on the smaller sites. In many cases, niche tastemakers will repost your video to Youtube if it is interesting enough. When this happens, be sure that you have a link back to your landing page included in the description. Perfect your SEO on Google and Youtube. Ever since Youtube was purchased by Google, the coders in that huge company have been doing their best to combine the Youtube and the Google search algorithms into a single entity. This means that a high ranking file in Google will also have a high ranking in Youtube. You can increase your Google ranking by focusing your SEO efforts on long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are buzzwords for your video that are actually phrases, not words. For instance, if you sell Little League baseball bats, then you might have a long tail keyword like “aluminum Little League bats under 25 oz.” Long tail keywords are more descriptive and bring a more tailored audience. The major search engines are also programmed to recognize them more readily. Put the video or links...

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