4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a New Home in Selangor

Posted by on Dec 1, 2014 in Buying Property

Buying your first home is far different than shopping for a new shirt, skirt or shiny pair of shoes. Purchasing a piece of property involves large amounts of time, money, effort, planning and patience. The first priority with purchasing a new home is the location, but there are other essentials to be considered, especially when you are buying property in Selangor, Malaysia. The list below has a few questions will help you to prioritise and to quickly find a Selangor home that suits your needs.


1) Can you afford to purchase a home?

The cost of the house should rank the highest on your list of priorities. After all, if your dream home ends up putting you into a pinch for money, you will not be able to enjoy your property very much. Take the time before you purchase your home to chart the amounts of cash you will be required to lay out for the down payment, any legal fees, the mortgage, loan insurance and any other costs. List all your assets as well, such as your income, savings and investments to determine if you can afford the home. Also, you may need to obtain a mortgage pre-approval before you even begin viewing homes. Check with your land agent to see if this is necessary.


2) What type of house do you want?

Typically, property is broken into two groups: landed and non-landed. Landed properties are single storey or double-storey homes, bungalows and link houses. Landed property is often more expensive than non-landed property, primarily because of the added value the land adds to the home.

Non-landed property, consisting of properties such as condominiums, apartments and flats, are typically preferred by the younger generation due to the fact that property maintenance is the responsibility of the community’s developer. The monthly maintenance fee gives you the right to amenities such as a gymnasium, squash court or swimming pool.


3) Is the house adequate for your needs?

The process of purchasing a home is a long and complex one. One of the most important parts of the process is inspecting the property, from top to bottom, outside and inside. On the interior, you may wish to consider the sizes of various rooms, such as the kitchen and dining hall, to determine whether they are large enough to fit your needs. Inspect to see that there are sufficient power points, lighting and heating vents. Is the storage space adequate? Are there enough toilets for the size of your family?

On the exterior, look around and see if the sun comes in the windows to the extent you would prefer. If you are thinking about having a garden at your home, now is a good time to see where you would put it.


4) Is the home located where you want?

Finding a home located in Selangor that meets all your needs may be difficult, but perseverance will see you through. If you don’t own or drive a car, you may want to consider a home with an efficient public transportation system nearby. Where are the local schools and hospitals? Are they located within a reasonable distance? Where is the nearest shopping entre like Empire Subang or Sunway Giza? Are they sufficient for all your shopping and entertainment needs? Are there other stores, such as a post-office, bank or restaurant close enough to suit your desires? Evaluating the nearby area is essential to your future happiness.

Also, you should do some research to see whether the area in which the home is situated is prone to flooding. Talking to people living in the nearby community can help you determine if this is the home you want.

The above steps should aid you in your quest to purchase a home and make the transition a smooth and easy one.