4 Tips to Get Value-For-Money Student Housing in Singapore

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 in Buying Property, Property Guides


“The little red dot” may be the most expensive city in the world, but with a little planning and patience, it is still possible to find reasonable rooms to rent. Here are some guidelines that can help you find the right place at the right price.rooms-prague

  1. Compare student hostels across multiple booking sites

The most logical option for the newbie would be to look up student hostel booking sites. These types of accommodation are tailored for student life – you’ll be renting and sharing with other students and expect basic facilities to include public computers, printers and recreation rooms.

But before settling on a hostel, be sure to check several booking sites as some offer cheaper rates during promotional periods. Others offer discount codes when you pay as well, and even a five percent discount on a year’s contract can mean huge savings!

A valid Student Pass gets you access to many student hostels, which typically offers contracts as short as three months and rooms starting from S$300 to over S$1500. Many students choose to share the larger rooms, so an average shared cost per person is around S 140 to S$400 per month.sj8nk320avvpydwv2qux

  1. Think like a backpacker

Imagine that you’re travelling as a tourist on a shoestring budget, however, and you might be surprised at the range of accommodation available to you. Budget hostels and inns geared for the short-stayers and budget travellers can have bunk-type beds, private rooms and even capsule beds for as low as S$20 a night – coming up to S$600 a month without discounts.

These options are very useful if you’re not sure about what you want and want to test out several options before you decide. The locations also tend to be very central and the chance to meet all types of people other than fellow students can also appeal to the adventurous student.aaeaaqaaaaaaaakdaaaajdbhowzinwixltq5mditngmzns1hyzbklwnhyje3zjm3ywrloq

  1. Think of staying with the locals

As accommodation options like Airbnb and CouchSurfing gain popularity all over the world, more and more Singaporeans are putting up their spare rooms for rent. While starting prices per night can be a little steep, monthly rentals offer huge discounts and surprising deals.

These options also offer a range of rooms in landed housing as low as $900 a month (which you could share, halving the cost).

Such rooms typically encourage intervention with the landlords or hosts – something that might appeal to the student looking to integrate or mingle with the locals.vpo-pardinyes-a09_full

  1. Look up social housing

Social housing built by the government’s Housing and Development Board (HDB) also represents a low-cost option for students wanting to live on their own or with friends. A standard rate for an HDB rental flat would depend on the area (generally it gets higher the more central the location) but expect to pay monthly rent between S$1,000 to S$1500 for three- to five-bedroom HDB flat. Individual rooms within a flat are typically available from about S$400 to S$1000.

All in all, there is a lot to pick from when it comes to student rentals. Furthermore, recent falls in rental rates due to government efforts to cool down the property economy is an added bonus to students looking to secure lower rentals for the next year or so.